The Samsung Galaxy S 2 is one of the most powerful smartphones on the market with its dual core processor. You can now get the Samsung Galaxy S 2 with no upfront costs so you get a free smartphone! Here at SuperCheapMobiles we have collated the best free Samsung Galaxy S 2 deals on the major UK  networks in one place.

The tariffs differ from network to network but make sure you get the tariff that suits you best, the one with the your required number of minutes and texts. Don’t forget the increasingly important data allowance, which allows you to use the full internet features of the Galaxy S 2 when on the road.

Running the Android OS, the Samsung Galaxy S 2 will need a lot of data allowance, 3 Mobile offer the best data allowance with 1GB data a month which should be enough for causal use of the internet. If you need lots of minutes then 3 Mobile again offer the most lucrative deal with 900 minutes included.

If you send lots of texts then Vodafone, O2 and Orange offer unlimited texts but please note they come with a fair usage policy. 3 Mobile does include a large 5000 texts but that may not be enough for your needs.

If you want a cheap line rental then 3 Mobile and Vodafone both offer £30 a month contracts. However 3 Mobile probably offer a bit more with the large 1GB data allowance and 900 minutes.



The two latest smartphones from Samsung and HTC go head to head in a Samsung Galaxy S2 v HTC Sensation comparison!

Both the phones are the first batch of smartphones to contain a dual processor, both running at 1.2GHz there isn’t a great deal of difference between the two phones when it comes to processing power. The HTC Sensation has only 768MB of RAM, compared to 1GB of RAM in the Samsung Galaxy S2, this allows the Samsung Galaxy S 2 to gain slightly faster loading times and can deal with lots of data at once more efficiently than the HTC Sensation.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 has a large 16GB or 32GB internal memory, which is massive compared to the HTC Sensation’s 1GB. You can expand the storage space in the Sensation using a microSD card upto 32GB.

A department where the HTC Sensation beats the Samsung Galaxy S2 is with screen resolution. Despite using the Super AMOLED Plus technology, the Samsung has a slightly lower screen resolution of 480×800 pixels compared to 540×960 pixels in the HTC. The Sensation also has dual LED flash, one more than the Galaxy S2. The HTC’s screen of 4.3″ is only slightly bigger than the Samsung’s of 4.27″. Both provide a very good screen size allowing for easy navigation. The Sensation features 2 cameras, a 8MP back facing one and a 1.2MP front facing one for video calling. The Samsung also has 2 cameras, the front which is also 8MP but the front facing camera is slightly better at 2MP, pipping the HTC Sensation when it comes to the cameras.

The HTC Sensation weighs a heavy 148g compared to just 116g for the Samsung Galaxy S2. The Galaxy S 2 is also an incredible 2.8mm thinner than the HTC. The Samsung phone is just 8.49mm thin, the HTC a bulky 11.3mm.

All in all both phones are really good, high quality phones but the Samsung Galaxy S2 probably just pips the HTC Sensation. Main reason is due to the weight and size, also the better front facing camera which is very useful for video calling. The HTC Sensation isn’t of the thin and light category of smartphones but still lies comfortable in the hand.


The Samsung Galaxy S 2 is the latest smartphone from Samsung. It is aid to be the best smartphone on the market with its super-slim style and surprisingly light handset.  The unbelievably vibrant and big screen (4.3″) features the fantastic Super AMOLED Plus technology, making the screen comparable with the iPhone 4, perhaps even better.  The Samsung Galaxy S 2 has a 8.1 MP camera along with LED flash allowing you to capture those memories in stunning 1080P HD. The phone also has a front facing camera of 2 MP for use with video calling. It also has a dual core processor for insane loading times, one of the few smartphones with two processors. All this and it is only 8.9mm thin and weighs only 155g!

Below we have compiled some of the best Samsung Galaxy S 2 deals, one from each of the major networks:


Samsung Galaxy S 2
The Samsung Galaxy S 2 is an amazing 8.9mm thin, making it thinner than the iPhone 4. Surprisingly the phone is a mere 115g, which is great considering the technology within the phone. With its 1.2GHz dual processor, the Samsung Galaxy S 2 is amazingly fast, apps load almost instantaneously, giving the user a perfect smartphone experience. This is backed up by the 3 million units that were preordered before release! In South Korea, samsung have sold 1 million units in one month, overtaking the iPhone in monthly sales in South Korea.

Samsung Glaxy S 2The phone comes with 16GB internal storage, which puts it in front of the HTC Sensation and 1 GB internal RAM. There is also a microSD port where you can insert a microSD card upto 32GB, giving the phone a large amount of storage. Running the latest version of Android v2.3 (Gingerbread) allows for quick loading times and a great browser experience, similar to that of a PC. There is also a MicroUSB port for transferring files between the phone and PC. There is a feature for HDMI-out so you can view the screen on your TV.

The Samsing Galazy S 2 has the ability to support Near Field Communication (NFC), this can be used to pay for goods using your phone at selected retailers. A feature sure to play a big part in the future of mobile payments.

The Samsung Galaxy S 2 has already had some massive sales figures, proving that it is a better  phone than its predessor, Samsung Galaxy S. There are many good smartphones out there but this one seems to be slightly better than the others currently available, due to its dual core processor and high quality screen. The Samsung Galaxy S 2 doesn’t come cheap, starting at £520 sim free and free on a contract from £35, it is worth every penny however. Check out the latest Samsung Glaxy S 2 deals.