Three Mobile are currently offering some really good HTC deals with refurbished smartphones. Refurbished phones are either unsold stock or returns from customers which are then spruced up to be able to sell again. The phones tend to have not been used once, Three mobile’s 14 day Money Back policy requires the phone not to have been used for calls or texts and for the phone to not have been personalised.

There are currently two refurbished HTC phones available. They offer great value for money and are almost brand new.

HTC Desire S at £20 a month. This includes 500 minutes, 5000 texts and 1GB internet data with a free handset. The phone has a 3.7″ Super LCD screen and a 5 mega pixel camera. Running Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) the HTC Desire S is well worth the money as a refurbished model!

HTC Desire S Refurb

Three mobile are also offering the HTC Wildfire S as a refurbished model. With a free handset, 500 minutes, 5000 texts and 1GB internet data for just £15 a month! The phone is another popular HTC product with a slightly smaller handset size and a 3.2″ high resolution touchscreen.

Wildfire S Refurb

The HTC Sensation got its first update yesterday, 6th July. It seems like the update was just for unbranded phones in Europe. By unbranded phones we mean unlocked phones that haven’t been sold by a mobile phone network. The update, confirmed by those from the UK to Scandinavia, updates the HTC Sensation‘s software to version 1.35.401.1.

The update was aimed at fixing minor bugs in the current software and improving the stability of the operating system. The update was done over-the-air, push updates were sent to the phones and then the user had to be connected to an internet connection to install the update which was 27MB in size.

If you haven’t received the push message and want to install the update then go to Settings > About Phone > Check for updates, to download the update. Like all downloads make sure you back-up messages, contacts and any other settings before installing the update. You may also want your phone to be fully charged so it doesn’t cut out mid-update.

HTC haven’t confirmed the details of the update but it looks like the Bootloader hasn’t been unlocked. Users have reported slightly quicker loading times and increased performance. The lag when using the homescreen launchers has been reported to be solved and working to full functionality.

Now the iPhone 5 has been released you will be wanting to find the best deal for your money. Weighing 112 grams and with a 4-inches 326ppi Retina display with a resolution of 1136 x 640 the iPhone 5 will be a massive hit. As soon as prices for the major networks are released we will be comparing prices, helping you to find the best iPhone 5 Deal!

Yet again, more speculation on the upcoming iPhone 5. It seems that a Taiwanese blog, Digitimes, has received reports from ‘unnamed sources’ that companies who are involved in the supply chain for the iPad 3 and iPhone 5 have started their search for materials to be used in the manufacturing process of the iPhone 5 and iPad 3.

Apple iPhone 5

They also announce that the two products are likely to be announced in September and then released in October. The announcement timing coincides with the annual Apple keynote in September, where the new iPods are announced.

Production is set for just the one iPhone unlike what Chris Whitmore of Deutsche Bank said. Whitmore said that Apple would release two iPhones, one for the higher end of the market and one for the lower end. This does now seem very unlikely with sources reporting that ‘Apple is only going to manufacture one iPhone’.

Manufacture of the iPhone 5 is due to start in August in small volumes and then increased volumes in September and October, ready for launch. Sources reported that Apple has estimated the supply volume of the iPhone 5 in the third quarter 2011 to be at 6-7 million units. Copled with the iPhone 4 the expected supply volume for the iPhone in the third quarter is expected to be 24-s5 million units. The same level is expected in the fourth quarter of 2011.

The total forecasted shipping figures for the iPhone in 2011 is over 85 million iPhones! With increased competition in the smartphone market will Apple be able to reach this figures or are they too ambitious? Who knows, it all depends on what the iPhone 5 is like and what the hardware is like. Of course the Apple logo will mean it will sell in its millions but will people be more attracted to smartphones with dual-core processors if the iPhone 5 doesn’t feature one?

Digitimes also reported that the Apple iPad is expected to ship over 40 millions units in 2011, with production for the iPad 3 also starting in August.The announcement of the iPad 3 is expected to be in September also.

So it looks like the conclusion to iPhone 5 speculation will be coming to a close in September, one question that still remains, what will the iPhone 5 look like? is the number one website for comparing mobile phone deals and contracts. We pick a selection of the best deals available on all major UK networks such as O2, Orange, Vodafone, T-Mobile and 3 Mobile and compare them all in one place. This allows you to find the best mobile phone deal that suits you and at the cheapest contract price!

Bestselling Phones:

Apple iPhone Deals Samsung Galaxy S 2 Deals HTC Sensation Deals
iPhone Deals Samsung Galaxy S 2 Deals HTC Sensation Deals

The Samsung Galaxy S 2 is one of the most powerful smartphones on the market with its dual core processor. You can now get the Samsung Galaxy S 2 with no upfront costs so you get a free smartphone! Here at SuperCheapMobiles we have collated the best free Samsung Galaxy S 2 deals on the major UK  networks in one place.

The tariffs differ from network to network but make sure you get the tariff that suits you best, the one with the your required number of minutes and texts. Don’t forget the increasingly important data allowance, which allows you to use the full internet features of the Galaxy S 2 when on the road.

Running the Android OS, the Samsung Galaxy S 2 will need a lot of data allowance, 3 Mobile offer the best data allowance with 1GB data a month which should be enough for causal use of the internet. If you need lots of minutes then 3 Mobile again offer the most lucrative deal with 900 minutes included.

If you send lots of texts then Vodafone, O2 and Orange offer unlimited texts but please note they come with a fair usage policy. 3 Mobile does include a large 5000 texts but that may not be enough for your needs.

If you want a cheap line rental then 3 Mobile and Vodafone both offer £30 a month contracts. However 3 Mobile probably offer a bit more with the large 1GB data allowance and 900 minutes.


Samsung recently unveiled that the Samsung Smart View app is available for the Samsung Galaxy S 2. The Smart View app allows users to watch TV through their Samsung Galaxy S 2. However you need to link it first to a Samsung Smart D7000/D8000 TV, which start from a pricey £1300 but do have LED screens and 3D compatibilty.

This isn’t the first time Samsung has offered TV content using your mobile phone. In 2010 they launched the Samsung Remote, allowing you to watch the same TV programme that you were watching on your TV on your mobile phone. The intention was that you wouldn’t miss any of the programme and could watch the programme anywhere in the house, when making a cup of tea for example.

This idea didn’t really take off so Samsung has created the Smart View app. The app allows you to watch whatever programme you want instead of the same one. The idea has very big potential, especially with use with tablets. The Smart View app will be out for the Samsung Galaxy Tab later this year, and is currently only available on the Galaxy S 2.

Guy Kinnell, Marketing Director for TV, Samsung UK said “Samsung Smart TV is leading the ‘smart revolution’ not only with the features of Smart TV itself – such as rich content, 2D and 3D picture quality, smart functions and design – but also with input devices using our Qwerty smart remote control, the Samsung Remote app, and now with Smart View,”

HTC released the Desire S as a successor of the popular HTC Desire. The Desire was a popular phone among consumers and mobile phone experts. The Desire S was released in March 2011 and since then other phone manufacturers have started to release incredibly powerful smart phones, the Samsung Galaxy S 2 being the most notable. In an effort to compete HTC have released the HTC Sensation to compete with the Samsung, but is the HTC Sensation that much better than the HTC Desire S?

The HTC Sensation does have incredible specifications and with a dual core processor it is definitely better than the Desire S when it comes to loading times and dealing with large files. The Desire S has thrown itself in direct competition with the likes of the iPhone with a 3.5″ screen. The Sensation on the other hand has gone for a massive 4.3″ screen. This makes the HTC Sensation a  bit more clunky but it still fits in the hand perfectly, weighing 18g more than the Desire S.

Both smart phones run Android v2.3 Gingerbread as their operating system. They both also have the HTC Sense user interface, making them both easy to use and up to date with software.

The Sensation has a higher screen resolution 540 x 960 pixels compared to the lower 480 x 800 pixels in the Desire S. Both phones use the same S-LCD panel, providing stunning display quality.

The HTC Sensation has a dual core 1.2GHz processor, compared to just the single core 1GHz processor in the HTC Desire S. This puts the Sensation way in front of the Desire S in terms of processor power but it isn’t the most notable difference when using the phones for light use. The Desire S is no slow phone though and has a decent 768MB of RAM, same amount as the Sensation.

The Sensation has a very impressive 8MP camera, whilst the Desire S has only a 5MP camera. They both have 0.3MP front facing cameras however.

Overall the HTC Sensation is the better phone but the Desire S is still a very good phone and would be more than adequate for many consumers. However if you find the right HTC Sensation deal then it is well worth picking one up!


There are many phones out there all available on contracts. Some contracts are 12 months, some 18 months and some 24 months. There are many contract phone deals around but you want to find the cheapest contract phone for your needs.

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If you want your handset at a cheap price and possibly with an online discount or free gift then a pay monthly mobile is the best thing for you. You can pick up contracts from as low as £5 form the UK’s best networks, O2, Vodafone, T-Mobile, Orange and more. A contract mobile is the best way to find the latest handsets at a good price and get a good tariff. In order to get customers many mobile phone dealers offer the latest gadgets for free. Here at SuperCheapMobiles we hand pick the latest deals with free gifts for you, allowing you to get the most suitable mobile phone deal.

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Ofcom, the government regulators for telecomunnications, has said that the introduction of 4G on mobiles may affect the reception signals of digital television.

Ofcom said that 3% of homes that use Freeview could be affected by the introduction of 4G on mobile phones. These houses could be badly affected due to the arrival of the high speed mobile internet in 2013.

Despite offering quicker internet speeds the 800MHz frequency band is very close to the frequency used by digital televeison. Possibly severly affecting both signals, casuing a slowdown or loss of service.

Ofcom have now started a research program in an effort ti change the filters for mobile base stations and changes to aerials using reorientation. This is all in their plan to help households that may be affected by the 4G signals produced, when it goes live in 2013.

They also plan to counsult those affected and see what the impacts may be. All this research and consultation will be funded by those compaines who buy a license for 4G signals.

The big question though, is which phones will juse the new superfast 4G signal? The latest set of smartphones, Samsung Galaxy S2 and HTC Sensation doesn’t feature it but it sure is a big thing for the future!