Ofcom, the government regulators for telecomunnications, has said that the introduction of 4G on mobiles may affect the reception signals of digital television.

Ofcom said that 3% of homes that use Freeview could be affected by the introduction of 4G on mobile phones. These houses could be badly affected due to the arrival of the high speed mobile internet in 2013.

Despite offering quicker internet speeds the 800MHz frequency band is very close to the frequency used by digital televeison. Possibly severly affecting both signals, casuing a slowdown or loss of service.

Ofcom have now started a research program in an effort ti change the filters for mobile base stations and changes to aerials using reorientation. This is all in their plan to help households that may be affected by the 4G signals produced, when it goes live in 2013.

They also plan to counsult those affected and see what the impacts may be. All this research and consultation will be funded by those compaines who buy a license for 4G signals.

The big question though, is which phones will juse the new superfast 4G signal? The latest set of smartphones, Samsung Galaxy S2 and HTC Sensation doesn’t feature it but it sure is a big thing for the future!


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