Yet again, more speculation on the upcoming iPhone 5. It seems that a Taiwanese blog, Digitimes, has received reports from ‘unnamed sources’ that companies who are involved in the supply chain for the iPad 3 and iPhone 5 have started their search for materials to be used in the manufacturing process of the iPhone 5 and iPad 3.

Apple iPhone 5

They also announce that the two products are likely to be announced in September and then released in October. The announcement timing coincides with the annual Apple keynote in September, where the new iPods are announced.

Production is set for just the one iPhone unlike what Chris Whitmore of Deutsche Bank said. Whitmore said that Apple would release two iPhones, one for the higher end of the market and one for the lower end. This does now seem very unlikely with sources reporting that ‘Apple is only going to manufacture one iPhone’.

Manufacture of the iPhone 5 is due to start in August in small volumes and then increased volumes in September and October, ready for launch. Sources reported that Apple has estimated the supply volume of the iPhone 5 in the third quarter 2011 to be at 6-7 million units. Copled with the iPhone 4 the expected supply volume for the iPhone in the third quarter is expected to be 24-s5 million units. The same level is expected in the fourth quarter of 2011.

The total forecasted shipping figures for the iPhone in 2011 is over 85 million iPhones! With increased competition in the smartphone market will Apple be able to reach this figures or are they too ambitious? Who knows, it all depends on what the iPhone 5 is like and what the hardware is like. Of course the Apple logo will mean it will sell in its millions but will people be more attracted to smartphones with dual-core processors if the iPhone 5 doesn’t feature one?

Digitimes also reported that the Apple iPad is expected to ship over 40 millions units in 2011, with production for the iPad 3 also starting in August.The announcement of the iPad 3 is expected to be in September also.

So it looks like the conclusion to iPhone 5 speculation will be coming to a close in September, one question that still remains, what will the iPhone 5 look like?


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