The mobile industry has seen some revolutionary mobile phones launched by Apple and HTC that are in great competition with each other. While Apple seem to be leading the smartphone market currently with the iPhone 4, HTC recently launched the android-oriented HTC Desire HD with a large screen. Here we have the iPhone 4 v HTC Desire HD:

HTC Desire HD v iPhone 4On comparing the display and looks, the HTC Desire HD has a stunning, huge 4.3″ screen and probably the biggest among current smartphones. On the other hand, the iPhone comes with a 3.5″ screen display; though with a higher resolution of 640×960 pixels compared to the Desire HD. However a down side of the Desire HD’s large screen is the large handset size.

HTC’s high-end device makes use of the Android 2.2 operating system while the iPhone makes use of the iOS4.1 operating system. iOS4.1 doesn’t have Flash capabilities whilst the HTC Desire HD makes use of Flash 10, giving the HTC a more rounded and better browsing experience. However, no one has beaten the Apple’s product in terms of the applications on offer. With over 250,000 applications to choose from from the App Store,  the iPhone 4 surely has a foot ahead of the Desire HD in this context, where there are only 80,00 apps to choose from.

Both, the iPhone 4 and Desire HD have a wonderful sound system but the Dolby surround sound in the HTC Desire HD places it a little ahead. The Dolby mobile integration provides stunningly clear visuals and stunning sound. As Apple are pretty hot with music you would expect the sound quality on the iPhone to be a little better!

The 8-MP camera with dual LED flash of the HTC Desire HD puts it far in front of the iPhone in terms of camera quality. The iPhone 4 has only the single LED flash and a 5-MP camera. OS4.1 introduced HDR to the iPhone 4 which does increase the quality of pictures but can be slow to work at times.

Now down to one of the most important things, price. We all know the iPhone 4 is a pricey product but there are some good deals around currently. A sim free iPhone 4 16GB will set you back about £500 currently whilst a sim free HTC Desire HD will set you back about £450. You can get the iPhone 4 16GB free on a contract starting from £35 on Vodafone, check out this free iPhone Vodafone deal. The HTC Desire HD is available fro free from just £25 a month on Orange, check out HTC Desire HD Orange.

All in all, there is no doubt that the iPhone 4 is the best iPhone made by Apple but the HTC Desire HD rivals it well and may well even be a better phone in terms of features and price.


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