Thinking about getting an iPhone but don’t know which network is best for an iPhone 4? Well don’t worry we are here to help!

According to the YouGov iPhone iTrack survey done last year, Orange have the highest percentage of customers who want to change network, 15%. This is closely followed by T-Mobile, 14%, who are now partnered with Orange. Vodafone and 3 were joint lowest, with only 9% of customers planning to move network. This data can be seen in the graph below:

Best iPhone NetworkHere are the reasons why Orange iPhone users wanted to change network:

  • 58% say that they are disappointed with Orange’s network
  • 39% say that they can get a more reliable service elsewhere
  • 29% say Orange is expensive

These figures show that Orange need to do more to satisfy customer satisfaction and are probably not the greatest network for iPhones.

So who is?

According to the survey 3 (Three) and Vodafone were the best network for iPhones. A low 9% of customers were planning on moving networks. Showing that the customer satisfaction on the two networks are a set above the rest. 22% of users who said they were planning on leaving their network said they were going to move to Vodafone. 20% said they were going to move to O2, maybe due to their long lasting presence in the iPhone market.


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