The Nokia N9 is Nokia’s latest smartphone to join the mobile market. The iPhone, currently the most popular smartphone, is the phone that the N9 is supposed to knock off the top spot! Here at SuperCheapMobiles we compare the Apple iPhone 4 and the Nokia N9.

The iPhone 4 has a 3.5 inch screen which an impressive resolution of 640 x 960 pixels, thanks to Apple’s HD Retina display. The Nokia N9 has a slightly bigger screen at 3.9 inches, featuring AMOLED technology and a resolution of 480 x 854 pixels. In terms on screen size the N9 beats he iPhone but the iPhone’s screen is a better screen quality with a higher resolution.

Both phones have a 1GHz Coretx A8 processor, but the iPhone has the Apple A4 chip designed purely for the phone itself. Technically there is very little difference between the two processors, the iPhone may just pip the N9 however.

The N9 has double the amount of RAM of that of the iPhone. The Nokia N9 has 1GB of internal RAM whilst the iPhone has only 512MB, this is ure to be upgraded in the next iPhone. Lots of smartphones are now also getting dual cores and at least 1GB of RAM, leaving the iPhone a little outdated when it comes to hardware.

When buying both phones you have the choice of 16GB/32GB internal storage. Both the iPhone 4 and N9 have no slots for expansion memory however.

The iPhone 4 uses Apple’s iOS operating system and comes with access to the huge Apple App store where there are millions of apps. The N9 runs the latest MeeGo OS which is relatively unknown and has access to the much inferior Nokia App store. The N9 is the first phone to run the MeeGo OS so it is unknown how capable it is. In this department the iPhone 4 wins hands down however.

The Nokia N9 features an impressive 8 mega pixel camera with Carl Zeiss features and duel LED flash. The iPhone however only has a 5 mega pixel camera and single LED flash, leaving the N9 to win in this sector.

The battery life is extremely important when buying a phone. The iPhone 4 and Nokia N9 have relatively similar powered batteries, 1420mAh and 1450mAh respectively. The Nokia N9 runs more efficiently however  with a standby time of 380 hours compared to the 300 hours on the iPhone 4.


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