Now the iPhone 5 has been released you will be wanting to find the best deal for your money. Weighing 112 grams and with a 4-inches 326ppi Retina display with a resolution of 1136 x 640 the iPhone 5 will be a massive hit. As soon as prices for the major networks are released we will be comparing prices, helping you to find the best iPhone 5 Deal!

iPhone 5 from £30 a month

The iPhone 5 has just been announced here are the first images of it:

The new iPhone 5 is thinner and lighter but has a bigger screen of 4-inches

The iPhone, is possibly the most popular smartphone on the market. They don’t come cheap but if you shop around you can find yourself a good iPhone deal.

Here at SuperCheapMobiles we have compiled the best iPhone Deals available to you in one place:

Finding the best iPhone deal can be very hard, there are so many factors to look at. Do you want lots of minutes, lots of texts, lots of internet data or a mixture of all these? Finding the best deal is hard that’s why we compile the latest, cheapest offers in one place. This way you can directly compare which tariff suits you and the cheapest price for that tariff! This makes sure you get the best value possible.

The iPhone 4S has now been released. It was not quite what everyone was expecting but it is sure a damn good phone. The iPhone 4S has a dual core processor, the same A5 processor seen in the iPad 2. This allows the iPhone to catch up with some of its rivals in terms of the technological aspects. The incredible 8 mega pixel camera in the iPhone 4S puts the phone on terms with some professional cameras and the images produced are absolutely stunning. The latest Apple phone has taken the world by storm AGAIN, so get yours now, we have the best iPhone 4S deals!

The iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones and the phone that revolutionized mobile phones. They don’t come cheap however, finding cheap iPhone contracts is almost impossible. For the new iPhone 4S contracts range from £30 to over £51.

Finding the right iPhone contract can be difficult, figuring out how many minutes, texts and data you want and will need. Internet data is a must have for an iPhone, that way you can have the worldwide web sitting in your pocket anywhere you go. You can use internet apps like Google Maps, check football scores on Sky Sports and much more!

Three Mobile are doing a really good, cheap iPhone contract currently. You can get 300 minutes, 5000 texts and 500MB data for just £30 a month. That is a decent amount of minutes, plenty of texts and enough data for your everyday needs! In a recent YouGov report where iPhone users were asked about their usage and networks, Three Mobile fared well with the highest overall user satisfaction. This made Three Mobile the ebst UK network for the iPhone! Just click the image below to take advantage of this deal.

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The iPhone 4S is one of the hottest phones on the market with its stylish looks and easy to use interface. It is the phone everyone wants! We have compiled the best iPhone 4S Deals available currently below:

The iPhone 4S is the fifth iPhone from Apple and an upgrade to the popular iPhone 4. The iPhone 4S is the first iPhone to run the new Apple operating system iOS5. It is supposed to be the quickest and smoothest operating system by Apple. According to Apple it adds over 200 new features to the iPhone. One of these is the new Notification Center, Reminders and iMessage, similar to BBM but for iPhone/iPod.

The iPhone 4S has the the A5 chip designed specifically for Apple. It is a dual core processor, which means two times the processing power,  and brings the iPhone up to date with other smartphones. It also pushes the graphics in the iPhone up to seven times faster, allowing for better gaming.

The iPhone 4S has a 8 mega pixel camera with amazing capabilities in terms of aperture and auto focus. You can now also edit photos directly on your iPhone and can even remove red eye on the phone.

With 1080p HD recording you can now capture your memories in stunning quality. The colour looks even better than you remember and the phone has stabilization software to reduce shakiness.

The iPhone 4S was on October 14th and the best iPhone 4S deals have been collated above!

The Samsung Galaxy S2 is an increasingly popular phone and so is the Nokia N9, but which smartphone is really the better one?

The Samsung phone has the larger screen at 4.3 inches with Super AMOLED Plus technology. The Galaxy S2 boasts a decent resolution of 480 x 800 pixels. The Nokia N9 on the other hand has a slightly smaller 3.9 inch screen with an AMOLED touch screen, despite the smaller screen the N9 actually has a marginally increased resolution of 480 x 954 pixels. On paper this makes the N9 a more crisp screen with a smaller screen but higher resolution.

Nokia N9 vs. Samsung Galaxy S2

The Samsung Galaxy S2 does blow the N9 out of the water when it comes to the processors. With a dual core 1.2GHz A9 processor the Galaxy S2 has double the capabilities of the N9 which has a single 1GHz A8 processor. A dual core processor is like having two brains instead of one and allows you to do more intensive things on your phone and multi task seamlessly. This dual core technology is new to the smartphone market and very few phones currently feature it making the Samsung Galaxy S2 a better bet for the future.

When it comes to memory both phones are equal with 1GB of RAM each.

In terms of internal storage the N9 is better but at a cost. You can buy the Samsung Galaxy S2 with either 16GB or 32GB internal storage. The Nokia N9 can however, be bought with 16GB or 64GB of internal storage. The Galaxy does have the ability to expand storage through its memory card slot which takes a microSD card. The Nokia N9 doesn’t have a memory card slot so no external storage is possible.

The Nokia N9 features the relatively unknown Meego operating system by Nokia. This operating system is brand new and no current phones feature it so it is hard to compare. The Samsung Galaxy S2 runs the latest Android OS, v2.3 Gingerbread and contains access to the huge Android marketplace. In this respect Android is better than Meego, leaving the Galaxy S2 to win this section.

A camera in a phone is a must these days and many people don’t even need a separate camera to their smartphone. Botht he phones in question have 8 megapixel camera and autofocus. The N9 does have a dual LED flash, whilst the Galaxy S2 has only the one.

The Galaxy S2 is 19g lighter than the Nokia N9 which comes a s a surprise because the Galaxy S2 is the bigger phone.

The Nokia N9 is Nokia’s latest smartphone to join the mobile market. The iPhone, currently the most popular smartphone, is the phone that the N9 is supposed to knock off the top spot! Here at SuperCheapMobiles we compare the Apple iPhone 4 and the Nokia N9.

The iPhone 4 has a 3.5 inch screen which an impressive resolution of 640 x 960 pixels, thanks to Apple’s HD Retina display. The Nokia N9 has a slightly bigger screen at 3.9 inches, featuring AMOLED technology and a resolution of 480 x 854 pixels. In terms on screen size the N9 beats he iPhone but the iPhone’s screen is a better screen quality with a higher resolution.

Both phones have a 1GHz Coretx A8 processor, but the iPhone has the Apple A4 chip designed purely for the phone itself. Technically there is very little difference between the two processors, the iPhone may just pip the N9 however.

The N9 has double the amount of RAM of that of the iPhone. The Nokia N9 has 1GB of internal RAM whilst the iPhone has only 512MB, this is ure to be upgraded in the next iPhone. Lots of smartphones are now also getting dual cores and at least 1GB of RAM, leaving the iPhone a little outdated when it comes to hardware.

When buying both phones you have the choice of 16GB/32GB internal storage. Both the iPhone 4 and N9 have no slots for expansion memory however.

The iPhone 4 uses Apple’s iOS operating system and comes with access to the huge Apple App store where there are millions of apps. The N9 runs the latest MeeGo OS which is relatively unknown and has access to the much inferior Nokia App store. The N9 is the first phone to run the MeeGo OS so it is unknown how capable it is. In this department the iPhone 4 wins hands down however.

The Nokia N9 features an impressive 8 mega pixel camera with Carl Zeiss features and duel LED flash. The iPhone however only has a 5 mega pixel camera and single LED flash, leaving the N9 to win in this sector.

The battery life is extremely important when buying a phone. The iPhone 4 and Nokia N9 have relatively similar powered batteries, 1420mAh and 1450mAh respectively. The Nokia N9 runs more efficiently however  with a standby time of 380 hours compared to the 300 hours on the iPhone 4.

The Apple iPhone is a revolutionary phone, changing the mobile phone market incredibly. Now other companies want in on the smartphone market, one company making headways is HTC and they have now released one of the first 3D phones, the HTC Evo 3D. So which mobile phone is better? The iPhone 4 or the HTC Evo 3D?

In terms of processors the Evo 3D is massively ahead of the iPhone 4. The HTC Evo 3D is one of few phones to have a dual core processor running speeds of 1.2GHz, giving the Evo a far superior possible intensive performance. In other words the Evo 3D, on paper, will deal with intensive applications better and is better at coping with multitasking. The iPhone 4 has just a single core 1GHz ARM Cortex A8 processor, a processors designed just for the Apple iPhone 4, allowing it to also cope with multitasking well. One of the possible updates to the iPhone 5 will be a new dual core processor so watch out for that.

When it comes RAM the Evo 3D has twice as much as the iPhone. The HTC has 1GB RAM and the iPhone 512MB RAM. Loads of RAM is not critical in smartphones but the EVO 3D needs the RAM to be able to handle the 3D display and camera.

When it comes to internal storage the iPhone beats the Evo with 16GB or 32GB to the Evo’s 1GB internal storage. However the HTC Evo 3D can expand its storage using a microSD card upto an extra 32GB. The iPhone does not have the capability to expand its storage at all.

These days everyone wants a nice super bright screen on their phone, something both phones offer extremely well. With the HD retina display the iPhone 4 has a 3.5 inch screen with a resolution of 640 x 960 pixels, one of the highest currently on the smartphone market. The HTC Evo 3D has a 3D screen of 4.3 inches in size, however its resolution is slightly lower at 540 x 960 pixels.

Both the smartphones have 5 mega pixel back facing camera, as well as lower quality front facing cameras. The iPhone 4 can record in 720p, not full HD but still really clear recording. The Evo 3D can record in upto 1080p but the 3D recording can record only in 720p. The 3D recording is something only a few phones currently offer.

The iPhone weighs 137g as opposed to the Evo 3D which weighs a hefty 170g. In terms of size the iPhone is much smaller and almost 3mm thinner than the HTC Evo 3D.

The iPhone 4 has 1420mAh battery which can last up to 300 hours on standby. The HTC Evo 3D features a more powerful battery, 1730mAh, which can last up to 420 hours on standby.

One of the major differences between these phones is their operating sytsem, the iPhone 4 uses Apple’s extremely friendly iOS sytsem and the Evo 3D uses Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) wit the HTC Sense user interface. Both are incredibly easy to use and make great use of the phones touch screens, however with iOS comes the massive Apple App store which is a head above the Android marketplace. The Android Marketplace does however contain more free apps than the Apple App store.

So when it comes to hardware the HTC Evo 3D blows the Apple iPhone 4 out of the water but in terms of software the iPhone just pips the Evo 3D due to the massive Apple App store.

HTC make top notch smartphones and currently the two most popular seem to be the HTC Sensation and HTC Evo 3D. On paper both phones are very well armed and have similar features. So which one is the best mobile phone in real life? The HTC Sensation or the similar HTC Evo 3D?

Both phones have 4.3inch LCD screens. The Evo 3D obviously has the 3D LCD screen with a pixel resolution of 540 x 960 and the Sensation has an LCD screen with the same resolution of 540 x 960. Both phones feature touch screens which are very responsive and use heat sensors to detect your finger.

In terms of storage both phones feature an internal storage of 1GB. Both the Sensation and Evo 3D can, however, take a microSD card up to 32GB to expand on the internal storage.

The HTC Evo 3D beats the HTC Sensation when it comes to memory, commonly know as RAM. The more RAM the quicker the smartphone can open applications and run more applications simultaneously.  The Evo 3D has 1GB of RAM whilst the HTC Sensation has only 768MB of RAM.

Both phones are future-proof in terms of the CPU, computer processing unit, and feature dual core processors. This is a new thing when it comes to smartphones with only the Samsung Galaxy S 2 being the the other phone currently with a dual core processor. Both mobiles have a 1.2GHz dual core processor allowing for extremely quick loading times and processing power.

In 2011 there is now a lot of consideration to do with the camera within a smartphone. Both phones feature front facing and back facing cameras.The HTC Sensation probably beats the Evo 3D when it comes to the cameras, the latter has a 5 mega pixel back facing camera and the Sensation has an impressive 8 mega pixel back facing camera. The Evo can record in 3D however, but only up to 720P. The Sensation can record in up to 1080P, the highest quality possible currently.

The weight of a phone is incredibly important when buying it. The two handsets have very similar dimensions but the Sensation is much lighter at 148g compared to the heavy 170g of the Evo 3D. This increase in weight is most likely due to the 3D features that the HTC Evo has and slightly more powerful battery. Which leads me to the two batteries, the Evo 3D has a 1720mAH battery which can last up to 355 hours on standby. The HTC Sensation’s 1520mAh battery is slightly more efficient and can last up to 525 hours on standby.

Being HTC phones they both use the Android operating system and the incredibly easy to use HTC Sense user interface.


On Friday a few websites reported that an unfamiliar Apple phone had been spotted on a train in San Francisco. The phone was spotted and someone sent a picture was sent to 9to5Mac. The tipster said that he got a good look of the phone but the pictures don’t do it justice. The sighting was said to be an Apple employee on his way home from work in San Francisco, which adds up with Apple’s base in San Francisco.

The phone is possibly an iPhone 5 prototype which has been given to an employee for testing. It’s similar to how the iPhone 4 was leaked when an Apple employee left his prototype in a bar in San Francisco. The tipster said he had seen the case that 9tp5Mac had posted earlier, the green one, and the phone looked like it’d fit into that case. Slightly confirming his suspicions that the the phone may well be a prototype.

The prototype looked thinner than the current iPhone 4 and a little bit wider. The back of the phone is curved and is thought to be glass, it could’ve been plastic but knowing Apple it would most likely be glass.

The user was said to be trying to hid the Apple logo but the tipster did get a good snap below.

With only a month to the probable iPhone 5 announcement it seems like things are starting to hotten up and all will be confirmed soon.